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My pieces of art are right in here. :)


My favorite pieces of art from other talented artists. :)



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to my DeviantArt profile, where I do artwork, fanfictions and other stuff.

About the artist:
◆ Cartoonist/Artist
◆ Wishes to be an animator.

Social Media:


Any other account you see besides DeviantArt, Fanfiction and YouTube are immediately fake.


Has been announced that Adventure Time is ending in 2018. So, we practically heard announcements of Regular Show, Gumball and Adventure Time ending.

At one side, I'm saddened to see it go. But at the other side, I'm happy that it's ending. I think 9 seasons is pretty much enough for a show. But...there's still 2 years to go.
My laptop has been fixed, and I will be receiving it tomorrow. Unfortunately, it cost me the memory. So, I lost everything in my laptop. My games, my drawing/editing/animation software, my backup files and all my stories and drawings.

Thankfully, all my fanfictions and drawings are online. But I have to start over for some of my stories (Like chapter 23 of TTE).
Oh my goooooosh! 350 watchers! Thank you so much, guys! It means a lot to me! :D
My laptop had just died this morning and needs to be repaired. Until then, I can't post new artwork or fanfictions.
UPDATE (9/24/16)'s been a while, but he's back. He's back as a new account called NintendoFan380. (Again, I'm avoiding tagging him.) And while he hasn't really done anything that violates DeviantArt's policies, he IS going around and annoying people. (Mainly by mentioning them in his comments and status updates and immediately removing the mention to try and hide it.)

I can't do anything about it, as I have been blocked by him. And unless he REALLY gets on your skin with his schemes, just leave him alone.

UPDATE (9/8/16)

These updates aren't gonna stop, are they? Anyway, Mordecailovesrigby had tried talking to me through the fake ZeroDivisionToons account on Fanfiction. (Confirming that he was trying to get around the block.) Once again, he's painting himself as the good guy and...of course, holes in his argument. So I'll just put this off real quick.

Should I... by Finnjr63

"Look, Finnjr63, yes, I admit it, this is me, Mordecailovesrigby. BUT, I really need to talk."

Which is what you always say when you're blocked.

"...but I always make regrets."

And then you go back to trolling.

"My mom recently gave me an advice, and it's "Read your comments before you post it", and I'd take that advise to think better, because I often don't think my comments through.

It's good that your mom advised you about that. But why did you need your mom for you to realize what you did wrong? You should be ready on the internet early, rather than just jump right in without knowing what to do.

"And I don't want to be friends with you again..."

Then stay away from my profile if that's the case. I respect anybody's decision to whether or not they like my content. If people like me and my content, that's fine. If people don't like me and my content, that's also fine. But if you don't like me, STAY AWAY then. There's no point in lingering on my profile if you don't want to be friends with me. Unless I gave you a reason to exist...

"I half-ly apologize but, I want the 2 of us to both be in our own peace, PLEASE!!"

There's no such thing as half-apologizing. That's like saying that you half-lied to somebody. And you say that you want the both of us to be in peace again? Well, I'll give you an answer on how we can be in peace. Leave my profile, stay out, and don't ever, ever, EVER come back to my profile. Tell your friends to stay out as well, cause bullies and harassers are never welcome on my profile or on any of my friends' profiles. (Critics are another thing, though.) You are not to break the internet and its website's rules by abusing our rights to have opinions.

And if you think I'm saying this because I'm not giving you a chance, you're wrong. I'm a very kind person in real life who can take criticism and loves to make friends. Bullying is not criticism, and just because you have friends doesn't mean that they can do whatever you want or agree with everything you say. I learned that the hard way with a few of my old friends when I was a little kid. But I've changed, Mordecailovesrigby. I decided to stand up for myself rather than suck into your habits and stoop down to your level. I've learned to mature, I've learned to not be a pushover, I've learned that not everything is gonna go the way you think it should be in the future, but that's for good things. Not bad.

So, once again, if you want us to be in peace, you and your bullying friends leave my profile and friends alone, and never, EVER come back. You are not welcome here, and things are never gonna be okay between the two of us, ever. You have disgraced DeviantArt's policy (As well as other website's policies), broke the rules and abused our rights to have opinions. And because you're a repeat offender, I've lost all trust in you. Nothing is ever gonna change that. Sometimes, there are things that can be broken, but can't be fixed. And if you gonna think of this as hate, fine. But stay away

Don't ever come back...

UPDATE: (9/7/16) (2)

Just discovered this. Before Mordecailovesrigby deactivated this account, he left this journal to try and defend himself. (Now taken down, but this is most of his journal below.)

There's so much wrong with this journal, that I'll just point out all the problems of most of these sentences:

"Oh gosh! Why do I have spend yet another banmare? JUST WHY?"

Perhaps that's because of everything that you've done to not only me and my friends, but people across the web. Also, what the heck is a banmare?!

"I'm not the only person on the internet who insults other people. Many people on the internet do that, it's bad, but common."

See, you admit it yourself. You insult other people. And while you're right that it's bad, you saying that it's common does not make it an excuse. I'm sure that sentence was taken out of context, but with the way it's structured and rushed-out, it kinda sounds like you saying that it's common makes it an excuse.

"Look, I really wish not to harm fellow people on DeviantArt."

And yet, on the internet, you grace us all with your 'beautiful comments'.

"I just get quickly tempered."

Somebody must go to anger management then...

"If you read this, Finnjr63, the only reason I re-spammed is because you didn't take down the I'm seriously done with this journal! And if you think I'm saying things because I only want to make excuses, you're WRONG!!"

First off, I never said I would take down the journal if the incident's over. I said that we would forget it if the incident's over, and you agreed. But with the passing weeks, you've been clearly too attached to the past's mistakes, and started doing those mistakes again. Your excuses for this are stupid, too. You say that you re-spam because you can't forget about the situation, or that you get quickly angry, etc. Of course not everything you say is an excuse, because I never said that. I said that you make excuses when somebody confronts you with your awful behavior.

"I kinda want to apologize each people in the internet if I harmed them for no reason, but I don't mean to be a troll." :( (Sad)

Isn't that what being a troll is? Harming people for no reason? And you apologize while crossing fingers behind the screen.

"Oh, and Finnjr63, I even saw that you tagged :icondarkkirby8976:. Well guess what: That guys is even more of a troll than I am! He strongly insults people on YouTube simply because they hate Caillou."

That's only one thing. Darkkirby8976 hates people simply because they hate one thing, which is Caillou. You make comments shooting/burning people, you insult people, and you drive people insane through bullying, harassment, etc. because they have thousands of opinions different than yours. You're even more of a troll than he is. Also, you insult other trolls as well, so...yeah.

"And what's wrong with hating Caillou? People can each have their own opinions! I'm just giving you an example of defending a trollier user than me, and that you should understand better."

Says the person know what, refer to what I mentioned above. Also, YOU should understand better, you proselytizing hypocrite. Look into a mirror.

"I see how people think I'm a bad user because of these spam messages I leave to some deviants, you the most commonly! But that's like I previously said: For not deleting that journal."

Exactly, and why mostly me?! What the heck have I do...NO! NOT DELETING THAT JOURNAL DOESN'T COUNT! Because you tend to forget and start doing crap like this, which is why I keep it up.

"In closing, I hope my friends believe me, I wish to mean no harm."

Yes, I hope your alternate accounts believe you. Somebody must go outside and get some fresh air and talk to real friends, rather than stay in a computer all day.

I think I'll update this soon. I always forget a lot of things!

You won't, cause you deactivated your account. Since you say you forget a lot of things, refer to what I mentioned above.


UPDATE: (9/7/16)

Mordecailovesrigby had just deactivated his account. I-I don't know why, but it's likely he couldn't take it so he deleted it.

Still, be on the watch for his alternate accounts and his friends, mainly NotShemp of DeviantArt. You'll never know what he'll do next.


*sigh* Buckle up and take a deep breath...this is gonna be a VERY LONG post...


There is a guy on DeviantArt who not only trolls people on the website, but bullies, harasses and threatens people with different opinions. And not only on this website, he's done this exact same thing on websites such as, Wikia, YouTube, Tumblr, and across the web. This person's name is Mordecailovesrigby (I'm avoiding tagging him, cause if he sees this, he'll be doing even worse things, which I'll get to later in this journal.)

This guy has an incredibly false sense of entitlement and an incredibly false view on how the world works. Mainly because he doesn't like it when people have other opinions that he has. If you have different opinions, and have experienced this guy, he'll usually blacklist you on his status updates and journals through shooting comments, insults, and other forms of harassment. Basically, he'll try to force proselytize you until you crack.

He'll even claim to respect your opinions, but his actions will say otherwise.

The point of this entire journal is to bring forth a ton of the incriminating evidence of his harassment from other people who have had problems with him. That way, anyone can spread this journal around and hopefully prevent anyone else from falling prey to his scheming.



Although his way of harassment differs a lot, this is what he usually does:

・Looks around for various people on DeviantArt who have ideas or opinions that differ from his・
・Will watch whomever he finds perfect for his plans・
・Will usually leaves nice comments first to the one he watched, so people don't know what he's actually planning・
・Soon after, he'll edit the nice comments and make either petty or foolish comments, or actually creepy ones (The NotShemp one below is an alternate account. We'll get to that later.)・
How do you think I feel! by Finnjr63
・If your activity is open to the public, he'll get to your comments and spam reply with the exact same comments. (Usually with "You again...)・
You again... example by Finnjr63
Either that, or he'll just spam random stuff.
Spam Spam Spam Spam Spamming Spam Spam Spamming by Finnjr63
Spamming by Finnjr63
・He'll also make comments shooting you, either on his status updates or journals, or artwork that you faved, it's endless・
Harassing Others by Finnjr63
Once I blocked him... by Finnjr63
* Not just shooting comments, he can make comments burning you alive, too
・If you made artwork that he had requested, he and his friends will constantly spam you with bullying if the artwork doesn't go 100%, even if he says that it's fine if it's not perfect・
・If you try to confront him for his behavior, many possibilities could occur:・
His friends (We'll get to that later.) will defend him
He'll usually make a very poor or nonsensical excuse
He apologizes, yet does it again the next day
And so much more...
・If you block him, he'll steal some of your deviations and blackmail you to unblock him if you want him to take down the stolen work.・
If it was a request deviation, he'll claim that it's 100% his work, and that it was all his idea as an excuse for theft. (Or for another lame excuse.)
Stealing Excuse by Finnjr63

(We'll also get to that Crystal Cosplays thing later...)

・Also, if you block him, he'll intentionally bring whoever you watch or are friends with into the situation, and try to paint himself as the good guy
・If you decide to unblock him, the process repeats



Although this may seem ridiculous, he seems to be taking his goal very seriously. His goal is to want the world to agree to his ideas and opinions. (Although in a very indirect way of saying it.)

Disagreeing that the world should have different o by Finnjr63

For example, I created artwork requested by him in the past, which was called Crystal Cosplays. (

I stated in the description that I wanted Pacifica to dress up as Connie. This caused Mordecailovesrigby to go on a full rampage and bully and harass me with help from his friends simply because of that one line.

Pacifica  Connie Spam 1 by Finnjr63
Pacifica  Connie Spam 2 by Finnjr63
Pacifica  Connie Spam 3 by Finnjr63

This one comes from another picture, with Pacifica and Connie. (Connie and Pacifica)

Gang Slamming Another Person's Connie  Pacifica A by Finnjr63



Now, here's the real kicker. Just in case his main account gets taken down, he has plenty of alternate accounts for him to use, as well as some of his friends. While this usually happens on Fanfiction, this thing happens across any website that he's in. Not only does he make fake alternate accounts to avoid the ban, but he'll even base it off of people he's met. 

For example, a fake account of one of my friends, ZeroDivisionToons has surfaced on Fanfiction, with Mordecailovesrigby's real country (Puerto Rico). I told him about this, and he quickly changed the country to ZDT's real country (United States) just so he can deny that he had ANY involvement whatsoever. Even ZDT has stated to people that he has no plans for alternate accounts besides DeviantArt and Steam.

A short reminder...I've been seeing a group of idiots impersonate me. I find it hard to believe out of all people on this world, they chose ME. I Also found out, thanks to :iconnotshemp: about an asshole who's been catfished people on Wikia as me.
I do not have a Wikia account, nor do I plan to open one in the future. Some douchebag was impersonating me, even though I'd never see the day this happens. Just to put an end, I'll announce that I'll never get an account for other social media unless I announce it. The only ones I'm sure you're fond of is my DeviantArt account & Steam (Big b0ss). Starting now, I'll never have another social media account unless I post a link to it on my journal on my profile, to prove that it's me.
So, that defeats the impersonators & other shit. I also don't use Wikia. You would find it hard to believe I read strategy guides for gaming. The connection's crap.
Also, here's a reminder in the future: If you can tell it's actually me, I'll act like myself, men

Him talking about the fake accounts.

This is the latest one I could find, which was months ago, so most of the comments are already outdated. So no need to talk to ZDT about my involvement. (I'm currently being impersonated in the Wikia forums, with a fake Finnjr63 account made by Mordecailovesrigby.)

If you block him, he'll get out his friends to defend him and paint you as as the bad guy. You try to report him, and his friends will say that it's false reporting, and that YOU'LL get banned from DeviantArt. You try to reason with them, and they'll try to shut you up.

NotShemp (DeviantArt and And this is a fake NotShemp, mind you. The real one is a Wikia admin.)
ZeroDivisionToons ( The real ZeroDivisionToons is on DeviantArt and Steam only.)

Seanjr63 (DeviantArt. And a fake Seanjr63. The real one is a Wikia user.)



ZeroDivisionToons has stated this:

"The most simplest complaint I can say to him is his "sock puppet" hiding his mentions of me. That, and he's practically KEEMSTAR of DeviantArt. And I'd like to roast his brain on a stick next to an open fire for what he has done."

You may think that the last sentence may sound hypocritical, as Mordecailovesrigby harasses people, but this guy does worse based on what he said. But that last sentence was most likely just for flavor rather than a serious indication that he wanted to do that to him.

(The Wikia one, as the DA and Fanfiction ones are alternate accounts of Mordecailovesrigby) has stated this:

"He was disrespecting another user. JoPo (An admin of Regular Show) warned him to stop, but he ignored the warning and got a short ban. I gave him a second chance and gave him a link to the wiki's policy so he can follow the rules, but he ignored the rules and vandalized a user's profile page. I confronted him about it and he removed my message, so I blocked him again. He disrespected the admins. And he also created several accounts to get around his blocked account."

Seeing that he already has a bad reputation in the Wikia, it kinda makes you wonder.

indigobunny99 has stated this:

"I thought I would trust that guy after that incident. But he just had to stab me in the back just to cause more drama; I don't think he cares about me and my artwork. Now I'm willing to warn my friends about him."

I'm sure there's a lot of people who have experienced this, so if you have anything to say, let me know.



If he ever sees you, and decides to watch you:

1.) Ignore him completely. I say to block him right away, but it doesn't make a guarantee he won't bring his friends or use his alternate accounts against you.
2.) If you decide to answer him, PLEASE do not be a dick to him back, as it's not gonna work and he'll act like a crybaby and harass you to no end. Just try your best to reason with him calmly, even though it will probably end badly and you'll end up on his blacklist.
3.) Reach out to others. No one should ever put up with his schemes, and it's likely you're not the only one. Feel free to message me about the situation as well if you've seen him before.

As you can see, I take harassment very seriously. I'm determined to put an end to his shenanigans as best as possible. If you've read this far, you might be can one measly journal make a difference?? Well, YOU have the power to help make the change.


If this is circulating on the site and the internet, it'll make it infinitely more difficult for him to manipulate others and take advantage of your fellow artists, as well as make it harder for him and his friends to deny it. Also, this is not the only website where he is getting a bad reputation for harassment.

People I've seen that have experienced this guy's harassment and manipulation (At least once):
:iconindigobunny99: :iconxcoqui: :iconthis-is-amazing-work: :iconsonicanderikfan: :iconshamboro: :iconhellfireburningfire: :iconpikipek: :iconpinkiepie097: :iconmurumokirby360: :iconthebrickster: :icondarkkirby8976: :iconkhai2000: :iconsideshowbobfanatic: :iconcelmationprince: :iconzerodivisiontoons: :icon101dragontrainer: :iconmegamotion: :iconalyssafoxah: :iconsparksing-major: :iconpictureonprogress: :icondeaf-machbot: :icon04startycornonline88: :iconyojama: :icondisney08: :iconrifkitheamateur: :icongreenjesterethan:

Sorry in advance if I added your name in here without permission, but this is for good.

If you know someone who has been experiencing this problem, tell me about it, and I'll be sure to add in some witnesses and words from you.

This journal will very likely change constantly, so keep that in mind.

Journal based off from :iconalyssafoxah: for her CrimsonColt7 journal.

What's your favorite adult cartoon? 

22 deviants said The Simpsons
12 deviants said Rick and Morty
8 deviants said More than one...
7 deviants said South Park
7 deviants said ALL OF THEM!
4 deviants said Family Guy
4 deviants said Other (Comment below.)
3 deviants said King of the Hill
3 deviants said BoJack Horseman
2 deviants said American Dad!



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